Placement Policy


  1. 1. Students must have paid all their fees and other dues, if any. In case of any pending fee, the student shall be allowed to appear in ON campus interviews only after the student cleared all his/her pending fees.
  2. 2. Students having backlog of 2 or more subjects/courses are not permitted to appear in campus interviews without prior approval of the college.
  3. 3. Students must have maintained a minimum of 75% attendance (aggregate) to be eligible to appear in ON campus placement activities.
  4. 4. Eligible students shall be provided a maximum of five (5) chances to appear in the ON/OFF Campus interviews. In case, a student fails to get a job even after five chances, the student shall not stake any claim for his/her job placement.
  5. 5. No student shall refuse to appear in the interview on the grounds of location of the job/salary offered. In all such refusals, he/she will be considered as absent from the interview. Students who are absent beyond two occasions in attending the
  6. interviews will not be eligible to appear in further interviews.
  7. 6. Each eligible student shall be provided only ONE JOB. Once a job has been offered to the student by a company, he/she shall be considered as PLACED. If the student refuses to accept the job offer on the pretext of Job location/department
  8. offered/salary/any other reasons, after having been selected by the company, he/she shall be debarred from attending further interviews.
  9. 7. Students who will receive PPO(Pre-placement offer) during internship will be considered as PLACED and will not be provided further opportunities.
  10. 8. Any student against whom show cause notice/warning letter have been issued by the college shall not be allowed to appear in job interviews.
  11. 9. Students obtaining jobs through their own efforts shall inform the college for record purposes.
  12. 10. In case of OFF campus interviews, all the expenses towards travelling, food etc shall be borne by the students themselves.
  13. 11. Students must appear in the ON/OFF campus interviews in neat, tidy and well-ironed college uniform and formal shoes in the interview process. Students shall not be allowed to appear in interviews in casual/any other dresses.
  14. 12. Students who are not interested in job shall have to give a written undertaking duly signed by him/her.
  15. 13. NITRA will extend its best support in arranging jobs for the students. However, placement of any student is not a claim/right.
  16. 14. Students must maintain proper discipline and conduct during their interaction with company officials. In case of any complaint received regarding indiscipline/mis-behaviour of the student(s), the concerned student(s) shall be blacklisted and debarred from future placements.
  17. 15. Placement Rules are subject to change at the discretion of NITRA management and any changes at later stages will be notified.