Consultancy Assignments

Major areas of consultancy services offered include:

No. Area  of Service
A. Production & Quality Management
» Implementation of Maintenance Management System in Spinning Mills
» Productivity and Quality Improvement
» Productivity/Quality Management in Loom Shed
» Diagnostic Surveys of textile mills
» Techno-Economic Viability Study/Performance Audit of Textile Mills
» ISO 9000 Quality Management System
» Third Party Inspection
» Setting up/Upgradation of  testing labs
» Asset Valuation
B. Energy Management
» Electrical Energy & Safety Audit
» Thermal Energy Audit
» Thermal Insulation Audit
» Power Quality Audit
» D.G. Audit
» Automation & Modification
» Steam Trap Maintenance Audit
» Humidification Audit
» Industrial Furnace Audit
C. Environmental Management
» Package Design Consultancy on Recovery or
Treatment for Textile Effluent
» Other Services in Field of Environmental Management