About The Institution



B.Tech: Textile Technology, Computer Science & Engg.(CS&E), CS&E (AI &ML) Successful students are well-placed in leading textile and IT companies.

Research & Development:

  • » Areas of Research: Product development/diversification, machine design & development, process optimization, software development, and need-based research
    » Books Published: 30 books published in last 10 years.
    » Patents: Awarded 10 patents and 12 filed for approval
    » Sponsored Research Projects: More than 20 projects completed in last 10 years. Many are in progress.
    » Research Publications: More than 250 in the last 10 years

Corporate Trainings:

Conducted several MDPs and EDPs in the last 5 years

Consultancy Services:

Consultancy Services are offered in following areas: Corporate Restructuring, Process Reengineering, Materials Management, Human Resource Management, Cost Control & Profitability Analysis, Surveys and Audits, System Certification.